HR Growth

You could change HR positively, and develop great leaders, which would, in turn, encourage growth for both the firm and your market. Strategies to achieve this are many. One notable plan is the introduction of the human resource (HR) software to your employees.

At the moment, Sligro Food Group has given the software to 12,000 of its employees. Sligro Food Group is a food services powerhouse relied on for long by restaurants as well as retailers in Belgium and the Netherlands to delight their customers with the highest quality foods. Sligro’s has a mission to become a leading food service provider in Europe. The HR software is a plan to directly support Sligro achieve its goal.

Speaking at the SuccessConnect Berlin event, the HR director at Sligro Food Group Netherlands Nick van Sante commented on the company’s growth plans. According to van Sante, Sligro intends to expand operations globally, a task faced with challenges the main one being to find the right people to achieve the mission.

Nick added that for the company to connect employees with its vision and develop leaders, they realised that they needed to redesign the company’s HR processes. Van Sante believes cloud is the future and by combining that with SAP SuccessFactors the software, the company achieves a strategic HR able to directly support the business as well as empower employees to encourage the company’s growth. You could also achieve a lot by utilising the HR software and maybe combine it with Cloud, something that could transform HR in your company and at the same time mold your employees into leaders who could make your company grow.

With technological advancements of this era, you could also modernise HR consulting in sync with the digital future. Sligro, for instance, is ready to do exactly that as its next step. The benefits and compensation that reflects Sligro’s culture of global standards of excellence were impacted by this move.

Just like Sligro, you could reduce complexity by standardising HR processes on one easy-to-use accessible platform thanks to SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. Your management and employees will be united under your company’s culture. If you could have about 95% of your employees using their personal mobile devices to participate in the many online communities on the SAP Jam collaboration platform, you could significantly foster innovation.

This is more than just communicating your organisation’s information. These are groups that have become the number one destination where employees can accomplish important tasks. Workers can browse, exchange ideas, book individualised training sessions and provide vital input to company strategies. Many of these conversations directly support the customer experience. Van Sante explained the advantages of the technology. Retail stores effectively get a direct contact with customers. You could have your employees and customers sharing valuable feedback about products, services and experiences. Answers to customer questions can be sent quickly through the online contact.

You can fundamentally transform the HR department by embracing digital HR. According to van Sante, such a step allows companies to work more closely on the talent acquisition as well as leadership development that you need to drive growth.